Consent to Electronic Signature and Receive Information Electronically

You are legally entitled to receive any information related to your deposit requirement in paper form, by clicking the box you are consenting to receive your documents electronically instead. Here's what you should know about consenting to receive information electronically.

Requesting a Paper Copy or Withdrawing Your Consent. Any information we give you electronically can also be sent to you in paper form.

If you want to request a paper copy of a document or withdraw your consent to receive information electronically, please call (855) 753-1650.

You will not be charged a fee for receiving information in paper form or withdrawing your consent.

Hardware and Software Requirements
  • Internet access
  • Adobe PDF reader (free download)
  • Printer access
  • An e-mail account
  • An operating system that supports all of the above

What You Should Know About Your Consent

As used in the Consent Agreement below, "you" means all interested parties who are primarily liable on a related deposit requirement collateral account, including applicants and consumers who can rescind consent.

Your consent applies to all information related to your lease agreements deposit requirements at all stages of the process, including application, tenancy, move-out processing, account servicing, and 3rd party debt collection.

Consent Agreement

By clicking "I Accept," check box you agree to the following:

  • You agree to sign documents electronically.
  • You agree that ResidentRadius, dba DepositCloud can use electronic records to provide or make information available to you.
  • You agree that you are authorized to review this consent and agree to it for all interested parties.
  • You agree that you are able to download, review and print legal disclosures for all interested parties.
  • You agree that you have the hardware and software noted above to access and retain information provided electronically.
  • You agree that your landlord may receive status notifications and view your account details.
  • You agree that anyone with access to your account on our platform will be able to view all account information, including personal and financial information about you and other interested parties that you provide.

Please review all terms before you accept.